Workers' Compensation Lump-Sum Payments in Milwaukee

Work Injury Benefit Payments Are Paid Periodically

As a general rule, workers' compensation benefits are not paid in a lump sum. For a number of reasons they are paid out periodically up to a certain time period or dollar amount. Lump sums can be available under certain circumstances, however. If you think a lump sum payment arrangement would better suit your financial needs, contact a Wisconsin workers' compensation lawyer.

"Whenever an employer and employee enter into a compromise regarding liability for an injury, the compromise must be in writing (or on the record orally at a hearing) and approved by the Department. ... A request for an advancement or upfront, lump sum payment will be considered [by the Judge] after approval of the compromise." Attorney Charlie Domer in Wisconsin Workers' Compensation Law

Lump Sum Workers' Compensation Payments Are Possible but Not Promised

Sometimes you can navigate the workers' comp system without a lawyer. Other times, you need to speak to one. If you are attempting to get a lump sum payment of your benefits, you should speak to a lawyer. If you attempt to get a settlement out of an insurance company on your own, you are unlikely to prevail.

You have a potential chance for a lump sum payment or settlement if you can get to the negotiating table. Experienced workers' compensation attorneys know how to get insurance companies to bargain, maximize your benefits and make sure you receive everything you deserve — including claims that may have been neglected or denied.

Most workers' compensation cases settle without the need for a court hearing, and with those settlements come the possibility of a lump sum payment of benefits. At Domer Law, we can assist injured workers in negotiating such a settlement — which is also tax-free.

Contact a Milwaukee Workers' Compensation Settlement Lawyer

If your claim has been denied or you want to negotiate a lump sum payment of your workers' compensation benefits, Domer Law is here to help. Contact our experienced workers' compensation attorneys online or call 888-353-8384. We offer free consultations and do not collect attorney's fees unless we win compensation for your injuries.