Lower Back Injuries Attorney

Lower back injuries suffered at work can change your life and make it impossible to continue your job. This obviously puts strain on your income, your family and your personal life. In order to make a full recovery, it is imperative that you receive the compensation you are entitled to in order to pay medical bills and other expenses that arise because of your injury.

At Domer Law, our Milwaukee lawyers are fully capable of resolving your workers' compensation issues, especially when lower back injuries are involved. Contact our law office in Wisconsin to schedule an appointment with our team.

Resolutions For All Lower Back Injuries Sustained on the Job

We resolve issues for all types of lower back injuries, including:

  • Herniated disks
  • Bulging disks
  • Radiating pain and numbness down the leg
  • Sciatic pain
  • Ruptured disks

Lower back injuries can occur over a long period of time, rather than all at once in one terrible accident. This makes proving your case more challenging. Having a skilled attorney in your corner who has helped people with the same issues is critical to the success of your claims. You can trust our team and our proven reputation throughout Wisconsin to build a solid case for your recovery.

Pre-Existing Lower Back Pain and New Injuries

Even if you had previous lower back pain or had a pre-existing injury to your back, you can STILL receive workers' compensation if your injury has been aggravated on the job. Do not let your employer or the insurance company tell you that your pre-existing condition completely prevents you from recovery. Allow our team to analyze your claim and get the compensation you need to move forward with your life.

Consult With Our Team Today Regarding Your Lower Back Injury

No matter what type of accident happened at work to cause damage to your lower back, we can help. Call our Wisconsin law firm at 888-353-8384 to schedule a consultation regarding all of your options for a full recovery.