Just in time: National Safety Month

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Though it rolls around every year at this time, there has likely never been a greater need for National Safety Month than there is in 2020. As more Milwaukee businesses reopen and people return to their jobs, it will undoubtedly be with an enhanced appreciation for safety at home, work, shopping and recreational activities.

The National Safety Council says that one focus of this year’s safety awareness month will be to help remind employees and employers of how on-the-job injuries occur and steps businesses and workers can take to avoid them.

Importance of rest

The NSC says an important part of workplace safety happens before you arrive at your job. The nonprofit organization points out that nearly a third of adults get less than the seven to nine hours of sleep needed to be at their best. Fatigue makes injuries more likely at work, as well as when you are driving to and from the workplace (or anywhere else).

It’s not just on TV

The NSC says it’s also important for employees to be aware of the real possibility of workplace violence. It might seem to be a rare event that pops up on the news now and then, but the reality is that there are annually about 2 million victims of workplace violence.

The four categories of workplace violence:

  • Worker-on-worker
  • Criminal intent
  • Customer/client
  • Personal relationships

Every business should have a workplace violence policy and emergency plan in place.

Slips, trips, falls

Just as workplace violence is unpredictable, so too are the slips, trips and falls that are a major cause of on-the-job injuries. While construction workers are at greatest risk of serious injuries or even death by falls from heights, the NSC points out that “falls can happen anywhere, and it is important to recognize potential hazards, both on the job and off.”

We will have more this month on safety awareness, so please check our Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Law Blog again soon.



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