Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Handling Claims And Hearings

“Wisconsin’s Worker’s Compensation Act provides an administrative system to transfer wage replacement and medical expense benefits to workers injured on the job by accident or disease. Administered by the Worker’s Compensation Division of the Department of Workforce Development, the system is designed to quickly and efficiently provide benefits for injured workers.” – Attorneys and authors Tom Domer and Charles Domer, from their book, “Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Law.

Many times, insurance companies and employers do not provide quick benefit payments. At Domer Law, we have 80 years of experience helping injured workers get the benefits they deserve and get their medical bills paid. Our attorneys have significant experience within this system, as they only represent injured workers, regularly teach workers’ compensation at local universities and have even authored the textbook, “Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Law.” We know what kind of pitfalls there are in the claims process. Because of our preparation and reputation, most of our cases settle without a court hearing. If we need to go to court, we have a track record of success in front of Wisconsin judges, as well.

Attorneys Who Help With The Application For Hearing And The Certification of Readiness

If you have had your claim denied or have not received all the benefits you deserve after you reported an injury, together, we can submit an application for hearing. The application for hearing submits a claim to the Department of Workforce Development, describing the benefits in dispute (like a wage loss, permanent disability, vocational retraining, medical expenses or penalties). Our attorneys will make sure the application for a hearing is filed correctly to maximize your benefits.

After the hearing application, we will make sure that all your issues are developed and the claims process stays on track. We will also guide you and answer any questions while you continue with your necessary medical care through your medical providers. When we are ready to proceed to a hearing after the value of your case is determined, your lawyer will file the Certification of Readiness (COR), which will specifically clarify the issues in dispute and will ask for a court hearing date.

Maximizing Your Benefits Through A Settlement Or Court Hearing

We have a successful history of obtaining maximum benefits for Wisconsin’s injured workers. Often, we can obtain a successful settlement of your claim before going to court, getting your benefits and medical bills paid faster. If we proceed to a court hearing, you will have a fierce advocate by your side, fighting for your rights in front of the judge.

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Workers’ compensation is a complicated system. With so many rules and regulations, you can get lost before you’ve begun, and you may not know all the benefits you can claim. Call us with your workers’ compensation questions. Our office is in Milwaukee, and we represent injured workers throughout Wisconsin. Consultation is free. If we take your case, there is no fee unless we get you benefits. Call Domer Law at 414-279-2647 or contact us online.