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We Practice Statewide

The attorneys at Domer Law exclusively practice Wisconsin-based workers’ compensation law—representing workers all over Wisconsin and the nation. As long as your injury is covered under Wisconsin law (generally if you worked primarily in Wisconsin or for a Wisconsin-based company), we can help pursue your rights and protect you.

You do not have to be in Milwaukee or Waukesha (our two office locations) to be represented by Domer Law. Most aspects of a workers’ compensation case can be handled by phone or emails, whatever is most convenient for you. We certainly like to meet with our clients directly, but we also have the ability to meet virtually (Zoom or FaceTime calls). We want the process to be easy for our clients, so we will work with you on the best way to meet and the best way to communicate. Don’t let location be a barrier to top-notch representation.

Domer Law has secured substantial settlements for workers in Sheboygan, West Bend, Madison, Janesville, Green Bay, Manitowoc, Appleton and even the upper peninsula of Michigan (for a work injury sustained in Wisconsin). If a case needs to go to a hearing, the court case will generally be held in a location close to the worker’s home (at one of 20+ hearing sites around the state), so you usually won’t have to travel far.

Convenient Meetings and Communication

Domer Law has two physical office locations in Milwaukee and in Waukesha to meet in person with clients. For those that are able, we enjoy meeting directly with clients for face-to-face discussions. The two offices allow for a broad geographic reach so we can help as many workers as possible.

Learn more about our two convenient locations:

As an injured worker, you may have many pressures (from medical appointments to continuing employment to dealing with medical and home bills). As a result, we try to make ourselves available through whatever means are most convenient for the client, including virtual meetings (Facetime or Zoom), email communication, fax communication, or mailing documents back and forth. Even if we cannot meet in person, we have the means to represent you and obtain the best workers’ compensation settlement.

One of our clients summed up his experience nicely:

“Charlie and his team are the best! Everyone was helpful from the first phone call. Communication was excellent. I was able to work with Charlie and his team by phone for the entire process of my work comp case. This saved me traveling 3.5 hours one way for in-person meetings. I always knew what was going on. If I needed support because going through this isn’t easy, I could call and I always felt heard and understood. If you want professional, knowledgeable, thorough, kind, understanding people to help you with your work comp claim, Charlie, Christina and the team should be who you contact. Thank you Domer Law!”

Hearing Locations

Workers’ Compensation hearings are generally held in a city near to the injured worker. Therefore, even if you are not in the Milwaukee or Waukesha area, you do not need to worry. If we have to proceed to court, generally the hearing is held near you (and we will travel for the hearing), unless there are reasons in your case to schedule elsewhere. More importantly, most cases settle without having to go to court—and we can maximize your benefits without having an in-person court hearing (and decision from a judge).

We pride ourselves on our ability to help workers throughout all of Wisconsin. Contact us online or call today.