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If you’ve had an injury on the job, you might have a permanent partial disability or permanent total disability. Your doctor will rate the severity of your disability by assigning a percentage, usually based on factors including which body part was injured, surgical procedures performed, your ongoing pain, restricted range of motion, loss of strength and more. Monetary compensation is based on the percentage that the doctor assigns.

“After the magic moment arrives when an injured worker reaches a ‘healing plateau,’ a doctor may assign a percentage of permanent disability based on the worker’s functional loss. The employee may also return to work with no permanency, or even be considered permanently totally disabled.” – Attorneys Tom and Charlie Domer, from their book, “Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Law”

What Happens When You Are Ready To Go Back To Work?

In addition to a permanent percentage of disability (PPD), your doctor may assign permanent restrictions. If your doctor has said you have permanent restrictions, you may or may not be able to go back to your job or back to your employer in a different position. If you cannot return to work or find another job making similar wages, you may be able to pursue additional benefits, like a loss of earning capacity claim or vocational retraining claim.

If you cannot return to work and have permanent restrictions, you should call us right away!

Permanent And Total Disability

If your permanent restrictions, unfortunately, do not allow you to ever return to the labor market or find a reasonably stable or dependable job, you can pursue a permanent total disability claim, making you eligible for lifetime workers’ compensation benefits and medical expense treatment. If you have suffered a severe injury, you need an attorney to protect your important rights.

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