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COVID-19 and Work Comp

AdobeStock_327922973.jpegThe coronavirus disease (COVID-19) health crisis has caused global upheaval, along with massive economic disruption nationwide.

Closure of factories and offices, restaurants and bars and eliminating congregation of even small numbers of people has caused lots of fear and speculation. As workers' compensation lawyers, some issues are important for employers and injured workers:

1) Is contracting COVID-19 work-related?

If a worker contracts the virus, the question is whether the condition can be paid under workers' comp? In Wisconsin, it generally depends on whether the worker's doctor says the exposure more likely than not came from work, and not from other, non-work exposures. Evidence of specific exposure in the workplace setting may be important, but certain workplace settings (health care or close workplace arrangements) could result in a reasonable inference about exposure to the virus.

Employees vs. Independent Contractors

app-2941689_640.jpgNew legislation proposed in California puts employers on notice that they may have to treat workers as employees rather than independent contractors. What this means in practical terms is that employers would have to offer employees benefits such as workers' compensation coverage, unemployment compensation, and other employee benefits. The bill pending in California would give companies like those operating rideshares (Lyft and Uber) or food delivery business (Door Dash) legal requirements for establishing whether a worker is an employee. New York's Governor has indicated legislators there will have to look at that same definition of employee versus independent contractor.

Who is at risk for a repetitive stress injury?

Working takes up a lot of our time

Besides the time we spend sleeping, working is the most time-consuming activity in the average person's life. In an 80-year lifespan, most people will spend about 13 full years working.

Given the overwhelming amount of time we spend working, it comes as no surprise that some will sustain repetitive stress injuries at some point.

Why you should take walking breaks at work

It’s well-known by now that spending hours a day sitting at desk hunched over a keyboard is bad for your health. Sitting at a computer for more than two hours per day can affect your health in many ways.

Before you invest in a fancy ergonomic office chair, standing desk or yoga ball in your work space, consider a simpler solution: walking.

Is My Knee Replacement Work-Related?

Knee replacements can be work-related.

And--importantly--knee replacements result in signficiant monetary compensation for injured workers.   Any employee undergoing a knee replacement surgery should consult with their surgeon (and an attorney) to discuss whether or not the surgery should be filed as work-related.

Can I get workers' compensation for my back pain?

While this may seem like a straightforward question, the answer actually depends on a number of factors. It's miserable to have back pain, there's no doubt about that. But in order to receive workers' compensation you have to prove that your pain stems from work not from natural causes such as getting older.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, more than 600,000 employees a year suffer from back disorders and it is one of the leading causes of disability for individuals of working age. As the current generation ages, this number is expected to increase exponentially.

Domer Law & Ward Law Firm Joining Forces!

Big News for Work Comp in Wisconsin

Effective September 10, 2019, Ward Law Firm and Domer Law - two law firms practicing only workers' compensation - combined forces to provide enhanced services to Wisconsin's injured workers. This team of attorneys now boasts over 80 years of workers' compensation practice. Expanded offices and personnel in both Milwaukee and Waukesha will allow greater opportunities and resources for helping Wisconsin's injured workers anywhere in the state.

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