Lost Wages: How They Impact You

In Wisconsin, when an injured employee has a complete loss of wages, the worker is eligible for temporary total disability (TTD) benefits during the healing period. While there may be a complete wage loss, workers’ compensation is not a 100% wage replacement; it is calculated at two-thirds of your average weekly wage. An employee will collect this amount every week for as long as a doctor or physician indicates they are still healing and recovering from the effects of their injury.

“Many worker’s compensation benefits are intended as some type of income replacement for the injured worker. In calculating the available benefits, the starting point, therefore, is the worker’s average weekly wage.” – Tom and Charlie Domer, from their book, “Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Law”

Calculating the average weekly wage, however, is not always a straightforward calculation. All too frequently, we see either the employer or insurance company underestimate this average weekly wage or fail to factor in overtime, resulting in more lost wages for you. If your employer tried to talk you into using your sick pay while you recoup from an on the job injury or your consistent overtime was not calculated in determining your average weekly wage, you need an attorney to ensure that you get the benefits you deserve.

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TTD benefits apply during the healing period as deemed by a doctor, and only your doctor can determine how long your healing period will be. If you return to work at lower wages, you are entitled to temporary partial disability (TPD) benefits during the healing period.

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