Why you should report all your injuries after a work accident

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The last thing most people expect when going into work is getting injured. However, many professions require workers to be in dangerous situations, while others can result in injuries due to repetitive stress on the body.

Regardless of the cause, when you sustain a workplace injury, you must report it immediately.

File a report

Workplace injuries can be severe. They can impact your ability to continue your job, which can lead to a temporary leave. You might worry about the loss of wages and medical expenses without the steady flow of income.

Therefore, you must report your injury as soon as possible. Wisconsin law states that employees should inform their supervisor within 30 days of the injury. The sooner you tell your employer, the sooner you can also file a claim for worker’s compensation.

Worker’s compensation can help you receive benefits to cover your lost wages, medical bills and any other related damages.

Report all injuries

After an accident, you may sustain a variety of different injuries, some more noticeable than others. When reporting your injuries, you must report all your injuries – even the minor ones.

Some minor injuries can develop into something more severe in the future. To ensure that you receive the highest amount of compensation that you can, you must disclose all your injuries. If you keep anything hidden, it can become difficult to prove that the injury was a result of your workplace accident later. Therefore, you may not receive further compensation to cover your pain or medical costs.

Disclosing every injury you sustained after the accident is the best way to ensure you receive the full benefits you need for recovery.

Talk with an attorney

A workplace injury can seriously upend your life. It’s crucial that you take your injuries seriously. And once you’ve visited a doctor and reported all your injuries, you should consider talking with an attorney.  Please note that, even if you did not report an injury timely, you can still file a workers’ compensation claim–you are not barred.  If you did not file right away, however, you may have a disputed claim, requiring consultation with an attorney.

Worker’s compensation lawyers understand the challenges you might face in navigating this difficult situation. An attorney can advocate on your behalf and help you get the compensation that you deserve.



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