Injuries that slam the brakes on trucker health

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If you stand on a Wisconsin freeway overpass, you can watch the 18-wheelers rolling in and out of the city carrying goods to us and carrying Wisconsin’s products out to the world. The men and women behind the wheels of those big rigs are vital to the health of the economies of our city and state.

Rigors of driving a big rig

Unfortunately, truck driver health is overlooked far too often by employers and operators of trucking fleets. Truckers often have grueling hours, driving up to 11 hours at a time, contending with traffic congestion, aggressive drivers of passenger cars (and other commercial trucks), deadlines and delays.

Because truck driving is stressful work that requires you to be seated in a rigid position for long hours, often for many consecutive days, there is a wide variety of painful injuries common in this type of work. And because commercial truck drivers are sometimes involved in violent truck accidents, the injuries they can suffer are among the most severe injuries possible to sustain.

Common truck-driving injuries

Let’s take a look at common injuries among commercial truck drivers;

  • Musculoskeletal disorders: especially neck and back injuries, often sustained in loading and unloading trailers or lifting boxes, containers, cartons, etc.
  • Injuries due to being struck by or against objects: can involve crushed limbs, broken bones, head injuries, contusions and more when attaching or detaching trailers, opening containers, lifting hitches or being in the vicinity of someone operating a forklift or other vehicle.
  • Truck accident injuries: truckers can be severely injured or even killed in often high-speed collisions with other trucks or with passenger vehicles.

Serious injuries sustained in truck crashes can involve not only Wisconsin workers’ compensation but a personal injury lawsuit as well. A qualified attorney can explain the options available in your circumstances.



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