Is your workplace safe now that you are returning to the office?

by | Jun 25, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Workplaces are beginning to return to normal. Most businesses across Wisconsin are now allowing—or requiring—employees to come back to the work in person instead of working remotely from home.

June is National Safety Month, which is the perfect time to remind employees of proper safety measures everyone should take at work. Because it has been so long since you have been back in the workplace, here are a few things to consider when you return to the office.

Follow safety guidelines

Even in a typical workplace environment, it is likely that there are still safety features that you should follow. Common examples include not standing on furniture to reach high shelves, keeping stairways and other walkways clear and not blocking doorways.

Look for opportunities for improvement

If you suspect that something in your work environment needs improvement, say something to your employer. Loose carpeting, unstable handrails and jammed doorways can all become a considerable threat to safety during an emergency. Addressing these matters before it is too late can change how well you can respond to an emergency.

Refresh on workplace safety measures

Many employees have likely forgotten safety procedures related to fires, intruders or extreme weather. Without knowing what to do, it can be easy for chaos to break out in an emergency. Talk to your employer to request a refresher on these matters so you and your coworkers know what to do to stay safe in an emergency.

Learn your rights as an employee

Most employees only begin to learn about their rights after a workplace injury. Taking the time to learn about them before an accident makes you better prepared to properly react if an injury occurs. Ensure you know how to properly report your injury, what kind of compensation you deserve and what kind of timeline you have to complete these steps. And if you do suffer an injury or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced Wisconsin workers’ compensation attorney.




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