Construction Site Accidents

by | Sep 8, 2022 | Injuries, Types Of Injuries, Work Injury, Workplace Injuries

OSHA indicates construction workers who are hurt on the job miss more time from work than many other workers.  The dangers that result from working in several elevated levels at a work site mean that slip and fall and other work accidents can have severe results.

Construction accidents may be different than other kinds of work-related injuries because in addition to worker’s compensation, additional sources of recovery may be possible.  If the worker’s injury is due to someone working for another company such as a subcontractor, the worker may be able to seek additional compensation against that “third party.”  Although recovery against the employer is the “exclusive remedy” meaning that worker’s compensation is the only claim that can be made against the employer, if the negligence of someone else (from another company) caused the injury, additional recoveries may be possible.

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