Nationwide Decrease and Attack on Worker’s Compensation Benefits

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2015 | Firm News

Recent news stories have begun to shed light on the ever-increasing attack on worker’s compensation benefits around the nation. Further awareness has spurred legislators to action.

It does not appear any state is immune from these worker’s compensation “deform” proposals. Rumblings in Wisconsin suggest proposed changes to our nationally-recognized model are coming. We will keep Wisconsin workers and taxpayers informed as information occurs.

We must always remember that as worker’s compensation benefits decrease and eligibility criteria become more difficult, the taxpayers are often left holding the bag. Accidents unfortunately still happen. Workers get hurt. Medical treatment is needed. If an employer or worker’s compensation insurance company avoids liability, those costs are shifted to the taxpayers through government-funded insurance (Medicaid/Medicare) and other social safety net mechanisms. Legislators must be careful to not shift the cost of a work injury from the cost of doing business (employer) to the taxpayers.



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