Worker’s Compensation Advisory Council Bill Introduced!

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2016 | Firm News

The Worker’s Compensation Advisory Council has done what it always does: modifies and improves on the Worker’s Compensation Act. The Advisory Council once again produced a common sense reform bill that was recently introduced into the legislature.

The Bill (SB-536) is here: Public hearings are now occurring on the Bill. This is fantastic news.

Previous posts discussed the relevant provisions of the Advisory Council Bill. The bill is a compromise-with benefits and concessions for employers and workers. Employers has provisions about addressing fraud in the system, denial of benefits for injuries connected to drug/alcohol violations, and ending of benefits for misconduct terminations. In turn, workers have some modest increases in annual benefits and easier access to vocational retraining claims and benefits. These compromises produce common sense reforms and improvements to the work comp system.

The hope and goal is that the Wisconsin legislature swiftly passes the Council bill. Passage of the Advisory Council bill preserves the integrity and stability of the worker’s compensation system-a system that is the nation’s gold standard.



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