Young Workers More Likely to Get Hurt

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2016 | Firm News

If you are a younger worker, you are more likely to get hurt on the job. That is the conclusion in a recent interesting article in Occupational Health & Safety: Protecting our Future: Young Worker Safety on the Job.

The article offers theories on why younger workers are hurt more often, as well as suggestions on what employers can do to protect their workers. In many instances, younger workers are performing more physical jobs, lack experience or proper training, and may be less likely to speak up or ask questions about what is being required. The article offers some great suggestions for employers, including:

Remember that young workers are not just ‘little adults.’ You must be mindful of the unique aspects of communicating with young workers.”

This is a helpful reminder for all of us in positions of authority or supervision.

It should be noted that younger workers (under age 27 in Wisconsin) carry a “presumption” of maximum earnings for permanency benefits. Wisconsin law recognizes that a worker’s earning capacity before age 27 may not be an adequate representation of their actual earning power/capacity. Injured workers-under age 27-are wise (beyond their years) to consult with an experienced attorney.



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