How hiring a workers’ compensation attorney can help your claim

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When you suffer a workplace injury it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. First, the pain of the injury: maybe your back went out after a long day driving a semi to deliver goods to a retailer. Or maybe your shoulder pain isn’t going away after years of handling boxes at your warehouse job. Or maybe you’re a nurse who was injured in a slip-and-fall accident at your clinic.

Then, the question becomes, “What next?” Maybe your doctor recommends having surgery or you need several physical therapy sessions to put in a 10-hour shift without suffering in pain. After receiving the initial diagnosis and notifying your employer, the next step is to file a workers’ compensation claim

Talking to an experienced workers’ compensation attorney about your claim is a smart first step.

Why hire a workers’ compensation attorney?

Hiring a workers’ compensation attorney has many potential benefits. An experienced attorney can help you:

  • Receive maximum workers’ compensation benefits for your injury
  • Seek workers’ compensation benefits if your initial claim was denied
  • Present evidence to show your injury was the result of your work duties or that your work duties aggravated a pre-existing injury
  • Represent you in a workers’ compensation hearing or trial
  • Receive the treatment you need in order to recover
  • Receive fair compensation if your injury leaves you with a permanent disability
  • Advise you whether you may also have a third-party personal injury claim (for example, if you were injured by a negligent driver while you were driving on the job, you may have a separate personal injury claim against the negligent driver)
  • Advise you if you need to file a Social Security disability benefits claim
  • Negotiate and structure your settlement
  • Negotiate how limited your work duties will be when you return to work
  • Help you seek retraining benefits should you be interested in getting trained for a new vocation

Working with an experienced workers’ comp attorney

Domer Law is a premier workers’ compensation law firm in Wisconsin. We represent only injured workers – not insurance companies or employers. By choosing Domer Law, you have a law firm on your side that focuses solely on helping injured workers seek the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve.

Domer Law has handled workers’ compensation claims for decades and our team literally wrote the book, “Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Law.” Attorneys, judges and courts across the state regularly use this book for workers’ compensation law guidance.

Don’t become a victim to an insurance provider trying to trick you out of the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve. With the right help, you can avoid being taken advantage of and get the workers’ comp coverage you need to pay your medical bills and focus on your recovery.



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