Laid off worker?: Pursue loss of earning capacity work comp claim?

by | Apr 9, 2024 | Back and neck injuries, Injuries, Loss of Earning Capacity, Types Of Injuries, Workers' Compensation, Workers' Compensation - News

Laid off workers with permanent limitations could pursue LOEC

News just hit about a large company layoff: Conagra Brands Closing Beaver Dams Facility, more than 250 to Lose Jobs (Journal Sentinel, April 9, 2024).  When a facility shuts down (like the one in Beaver Dam), some workers with previous work injuries may have further claims to pursue.

Specifically, if a worker had returned to work with permanent limitations that the employer was accommodating, but then the employer later laid them off, some workers can pursue a loss of earning capacity claim under the Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation law.  A loss of earning capacity is a comparison to what a worker could make before a work injury to what a worker can make in the open labor market with limitations–usually a decreased hourly rate or salary.  These claims can be very important for a recently laid off worker.

Under Wisconsin law, a LOEC case can be pursued by workers with permanent limitations to their head, spine, neck, back, or certain psychological injuries.  If an injured worker had a permanent limitation to one of these body parts and then loses their accommodated position, a LOEC case is very important.



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