A rare spinal injury may occur due to heavy lifting and moving

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As a warehouse worker, you know the holiday season is upon you due to the abundant number of packages flooding through the facility. You and some colleagues must work overtime, lifting, moving and carrying loads of packages, some of which weigh up to 100 pounds.

Such strenuous work can lead to a number of health hazards and workplace injuries, including lower back pain, ruptured discs, fractured vertebrae and spinal damage. A rare injury such as a cervical hematoma also is possible when damaged tissue or blood vessels lead to the build-up of fluid — most likely blood – near the spine and pushes the spinal cord out of alignment.

Initial excruciating pain

A cervical hematoma can strike hours and even days after the heavy lifting has taken place. The initial discomfort likely is one that you have never felt before, and it gradually may turn into excruciating pain, especially while standing.

Such an ailment may occur spontaneously, but in the case of warehouse workers whose jobs require lifting and loading heavy items, it is their duties that likely triggered a cervical hematoma.

Temporary paralysis

In time, the blood build-up drastically affects your spinal cord, potentially leading to numbness, muscle weakness, temporary paralysis and incontinence. Your movement may become limited, or you may even have a temporary loss of your affected limbs.

Surgery is crucial and must promptly take place. Granted, there are many risks, including permanent paralysis. However, the expected outcome is a successful surgery that will require months of recovery on the patient’s part.

Now, you face mountains of medical bills and lost wages.

Neglectful employers must take responsibility

Did your employer demand that you work more hours or implemented certain quotas regarding how many packages needed to be moved and unloaded? Did your employer scoff at you when you alerted them about the pain and potential injury? Did your employer provide you with the right training? These questions need answering and could have a significant impact on your workers’ compensation claim.



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