Can I Cash This Check?

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On a daily basis, I hear a similar question from injured workers: “Can I cash this check?” This question usually occurs after a worker has been receiving her weekly checks during a healing period after a work injury. After the treating physician assigns a healing plateau, often an injured worker in Wisconsin receives a relatively large check in the mail from a workers’ compensation insurance company. Many workers become concerned that cashing that check ends the case or is a complete “settlement.”

If you did not sign a Full and Final Compromise Agreement-between you and the insurance company-then accepting and cashing a check from the insurance company is acceptable in Wisconsin.

Possible Changes to Wisconsin’s Worker’s Compensation System?

This is certainly a valid concern, especially for the vast majority of injured workers who are unfamiliar with the workers’ compensation system and laws. Here is the key: You can cash the check. . If you cash the check, you are not agreeing to stop your claim or stop your medical treatment. Under the workers’ compensation laws, the only way that an injured worker can agree to end the claim is Continue reading



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