Attack on Workers’ Rights Around the Country

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2016 | Firm News

As this article correctly notes, “Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing”! Our work comp colleague in Pennsylvania are facing further attacks on their workers’ compensation system. The article astutely points out: “Across the country, in state houses largely influenced by insurance industry interests, there is an insidious attack on workers’ rights masquerading as ‘workers’ compensation reform’.”

These deform measures are creating a race to the bottom across the country for workers’ benefits and rights. Medical providers and the medical community should be on high alert when legislation mentions fee schedules or treatment guidelines. Putting aside the political double-speak, many of these legislative efforts result in a direct burden shift for the costs of medical expenses from the worker’s compensation insurance company to the worker (through private health insurance) or the public (in the form of government insurance, like Medicaid and Medicare). Be aware.



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