Trump Dumps Workplace Safety

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2017 | Firm News

When FBI Director James Comey calls President Trump a liar, the world takes notice, but when Trump lies about workplace safety, the world takes little notice. Trump’s administration has recently provided significant “relaxation” in the government’s approach to occupational safety. The administration recently delayed action on a rule that would require the employer to electronically report workplace injuries so they can be posted for the public. OSHA has also put off enforcement of an Obama-era standard for silica, a mineral linked to a disabling lung disease and cancer. I’ve dealt with many silica exposure claims in Wisconsin particularly coming from the Kohler Corporation in Kohler, Wisconsin where silica is a necessary ingredient in many bathroom fixture manufacturing processes. The administration has also proposed changes in beryllium exposure limits. After 40 years of development a new rule under the Obama administration was set to lower workplace exposure to beryllium a mineral linked to a lung disease estimated to kill 100 people annually. The nation’s largest beryllium producer had agreed to back the new restrictions. A few weeks ago as the rule was going into effect the new administration proposed changes that many expect may exempt major industries from this tougher standard.

When asked about the Trump administration’s approach to workplace safety a White House spokesman said “The President and his administration care very much about worker safety…” Yet another lie. See also Under Trump, Worker Protections Are Viewed With New Skepticism



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