What Do I Do If My Claim Is Denied?

If your workers’ compensation claim is denied, you still have options. In general, any injury at work entitles you to workers’ compensation benefits. The attorneys at Domer Law can guide you through the process of appealing a denied claim, and we will work hard to pursue the compensation you need for your work injuries.

The first step to appealing a denied claim is to submit an application for a hearing with the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD). The workers’ compensation division at the DWD is a state agency that administers the workers’ compensation system. Our firm can assist in handling the necessary paperwork for filing a hearing application.

After the hearing application, the litigated case is handled by a new agency called the Division of Hearings and Appeals (DHA) through the Office of Worker’s Compensation Hearings. Domer Law will compile and evaluate the evidence of your injury and its impact on your ability to work and earn wages. This may include seeking appropriate medical support from your treating physician or obtaining a second opinion.

Once all the appropriate evidence is established and you are done healing from your work injury, an additional administrative form, the Certificate of Readiness, is necessary before going to a court hearing. Our firm will determine the appropriate time to file and request a hearing date, which includes compiling all the necessary medical treatment expenses. Once a hearing date with the DHA is established, we will guide you through the process of preparing for a hearing or attempting settlement of your claim, if appropriate. Given our advocacy and reputation, many of our cases resolve before a court hearing, maximizing the benefits for injured workers.

At Domer Law in Milwaukee, we have more than 80 years of combined experience handling workers’ compensation claims. Our firm focuses on helping injured workers secure the benefits they need to cover medical expenses and lost wages.

If Your Claim Is Denied, Speak With A Lawyer

An attorney can help you understand why your claim was denied and explain your options. Additionally, a lawyer can help guide you through the process of getting your claim back on track.

At our firm, we have extensive experience assisting clients with denied claims. In fact, our attorneys authored a textbook on the subject titled “Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Law.” We can use our knowledge and experience to guide you through the claims process and help you at every stage of your case.

Free Consultation About Your Denied Claim

These types of cases can be complex, and the steps necessary to secure benefits in your case will depend on your specific situation. For advice tailored to your case, schedule a free initial consultation with an attorney at our firm. You can contact us by email or call our Waukesha number at 262-333-1938, or call our Milwaukee office at 414-279-2647 to schedule an appointment.