What To Know About Independent Medical Examinations

After a workplace injury, the steps you take can define the quality of the outcome of your workers’ compensation claim. One of these important steps is your independent medical evaluation (IME), which can determine the extent of your injuries and what kind of compensation is necessary to recover from them.

At Domer Law, S.C., our Wisconsin lawyers are committed to helping clients recover from their injuries while pursuing the outcomes they deserve in their cases. While trying to protect their best interests, we encourage our clients to know what to do and what to avoid while attending their IME.

The Things You Should Do

When attending your IME, it is important to what is necessary to protect your best interests, including:

  • Show up on time for your appointment. Being late for your IME can mean missing out on the appointment entirely, and the doctor may not get an accurate understanding of your condition by the time you can get to your next appointment.
  • Stay truthful about your incident. When the doctor asks about your accident, be sure you describe only the truth of what happened without any embellishments or exaggerations.
  • Follow your doctor’s orders. Failing to follow a specified treatment plan can result in accusations that you made your original injuries worse, which can cost you the outcome you deserve.

These are a few steps anyone should follow in their IME, there are also steps you need to avoid while at your IME.

What To Avoid At Your Appointment

When at your appointment, it is important to remember not to do anything unnecessary, such as:

  • Do not argue with the doctor. While it is fine to make your side of things clear, do not get into a serious argument over things. If the doctor you are seeing for your IME is not providing you with the service you may be able to get a second opinion.
  • Do not lie about your condition. Your IME is not a time to underplay how hurt you are. If you think you are experiencing a consequence to your accident, do not keep it to yourself at your IME.
  • Do not discuss outside issues with anyone at the IME appointment. Talking about finances, your legal situation or anything about your insurance can come back to haunt you in your compensation claim.

When at your IME, the best thing you can do is to keep your priorities set on your IME and get through your appointment. If you need more information about any aspect of your case, we can offer you the guidance you are looking for.

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