Work Injury Lawyers Help You Get Results

The workers’ compensation system in Wisconsin seems simple enough. When you get hurt at work, you file a claim and the insurance company writes you a check. In practice, however, there is much more at play. What if your claim is denied? What if your benefits are insufficient to support you if you are disabled? What if the insurance company plays hardball? The answer to all these questions is to hire an experienced Wisconsin workers’ comp attorney.

By Wisconsin statute, attorney fees cannot exceed 20% of the amount at which the claim is compromised or awarded…. Contingent attorney fee arrangements serve a valuable public policy interest for the workers’ compensation system in Wisconsin. For many injured workers, the contingent fee is the proverbial key to the courthouse door. Without this arrangement, many workers could have difficulties bringing presumably meritorious claims.” – Charlie Domer, “Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Law”

Trust Your Case to a Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

When the Wisconsin workers’ comp system isn’t working for you, the complex process of claims, hearings and appeals can make you feel like you are chasing your compensation benefits around a hamster wheel. Having a Milwaukee work injury lawyer represent you can make the difference. Here are some examples of why you need an attorney for your case:

  • Determining claim value: There are complex schedules and rules that determine the value of your benefits and how long you will receive them. Our experienced attorneys will determine the right course for you to get the most money possible for your injury.
  • Nurse case managers: Sometimes the insurance company uses nurse case managers to push for a result that is not necessarily in the best interest of the injured worker. Nurse case managers can try to force your doctor to release you to return to work before you are really done healing from a work injury. Nurse case managers cannot legally insist on being in the medical appointment with you. We can make sure that you do not accept any determination of a nurse case manager that is erroneous or with which you are not comfortable.
  • Application for hearing: If your claim has been denied, the next step in the process is filing an application for hearing. We will make sure your application reflects all the benefits in dispute so you can get the maximum compensation.
  • Preparation for the Division of Hearings and Appeals hearing: Once you have filed the application for hearing with the Department of Workforce Development, a new agency, the Office of Worker’s Compensation Hearings’ Division of Hearings and Appeals (DHA), handles the case. Our workers’ comp attorneys will help you fully develop your case, determine the total amount of compensation you should receive and file a Certification of Readiness on your behalf with the DHA.
  • Settlement negotiations: After filing the necessary paperwork, we will start negotiations with the insurance company to get your claims paid. This benefits you by getting your benefits and medical bills paid faster.
  • Courtroom advocate: We will provide you with aggressive, effective representation in court to get the compensation you deserve. We have no hesitation if you want your day in court. We know all the judges at the DHA and the best ways to present your case in court.

Contact a Wisconsin Injured Workers’ Rights Attorney

Tom and Charlie Domer are a father-son team who have over 80 years of combined experience helping injured workers in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin. They know the workers’ compensation system intimately and will work tirelessly to get the best possible benefits settlement for you. Contact Domer Law online or call 414-279-2647 to schedule a free consultation.