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Workers’ Comp Claim Lawyers For Denied Claims

An injured worker is interested in getting his or her medical treatment paid so that he or she can get better and return to work as soon as possible. Sometimes an injured worker’s claim is quickly approved and there is no reason to get a lawyer involved.

Sometimes, however, the injury is more serious and takes longer to heal. Sometimes, the injury is serious enough that it prevents the injured worker from returning to his or her line of work. When the injury is serious, the financial exposure to the insurance carrier is greater. The insurance carriers are experts at developing defenses to workers’ compensation claims. Insurance carriers hire claims adjusters to ensure that the carrier pays as little money as possible to resolve workers’ compensation claims.

Oftentimes, the insurance carrier will send the injured worker to one of a handful of doctors it hires for what is called an “independent medical examination” (IME). Frequently these doctors will issue an opinion that differs from that of the injured worker’s doctor in regard to what further treatment is necessary or whether or not the person can return to work. It is at this point that the injured worker receives notification that his or her claim has been denied.

What Happens When A Claim Has Been Denied?

If an injured worker’s claim has been denied after an IME or for any reason, an application for a hearing must be filed so that a judge can determine whether or not the denial is justified. If you were injured at work and your workers’ comp claim was denied, your next step should be to get in touch with a workers’ compensation attorney.

The attorneys at Domer Law wrote the book on Wisconsin workers’ compensation law. They have over 80 years of combined experience in the workers’ compensation claims and hearing process. We have built a strong record of success in these claims and are dedicated to helping clients get the benefits they need.

If Your Workers’ Comp Claim Has Been Denied, Contact Our Attorneys

At Domer Law, our job is to force the insurance carrier to pay the benefits that are due – nothing more and nothing less. If your claim has been denied, give us a call and we will try to help.

. In all cases, we do not recover attorneys’ fees unless you recover wage benefits. With offices in Milwaukee and Waukesha, we help injured working men and women across Wisconsin.