Wisconsin Is A No-Fault State For Workers’ Compensation

“Fault plays no role whatsoever in a claim for workers’ compensation benefits.” – Tom Domer and Charles Domer, from their book, “Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Law”

In Wisconsin, no matter who caused your injury, if you were injured on the job, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. This no-fault, insurance-based system means you do not have to prove negligence or who caused the injury. Nor can you be denied benefits for an injury that you caused. (The only issue is if a violation of a drug and alcohol policy was causal to an injury, but these situations are rare and hard to prove.)

The flip side is that you cannot sue your employer or co-worker for the work injury, and you are limited to the benefits provided by the workers’ compensation system. However, if there was an employer safety violation, there may be additional benefits, and a good lawyer can outline your options.

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Workers’ compensation rules and regulations are complicated. Protect yourself and don’t navigate the no-fault insurance system without the help of an attorney with complete knowledge of workers’ compensation and all its intricacies. The attorneys at Domer Law wrote the book on Wisconsin workers’ compensation and have 80 years of combined experience helping injured workers. We can help with an initial claim, a denied claim or any disputed benefits.

“Wisconsin’s trailblazing efforts in workers’ compensation led the way in making policies that became national models.” – Attorneys and authors Thomas Domer and Charles Domer, from their book, “Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Law”

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