Getting Workers’ Comp Benefits For A Joint Injury

A joint injury can have a significant impact on your life. An injury to your knee or hip can limit your ability to walk or climb stairs. A shoulder injury can make lifting or moving objects difficult.

At Domer Law, we understand the impact a joint injury or joint replacement can have on your life and your ability to work. Our lawyers can help you get the medical attention and support you need while pursuing maximum compensation for your injuries under Wisconsin’s workers’ compensation laws. This includes compensation to help cover your medical expenses, your lost wages and any resulting disability.

We help clients who have suffered all types of joint injuries, including those involving hips, shoulders and knees. These types of injuries do not always result from an accident at work. In some cases, these injuries can be the result of repetitive stress on the joint. Regardless of the source of your injury, we will work to get you the benefits you need.

Joint Replacements And Your Benefits

In workers’ compensation cases, the amount of benefits you receive is based on several factors. One of these factors is the percentage of disability that you have as a result of your injury. Your doctor will determine this percentage.

Joint replacements carry a significant percentage of disability. (Generally, a hip replacement is a 40% permanent partial disability, while knee replacements and shoulder replacements are a minimum 50% permanent partial disability). This means that you may be entitled to permanent or partial disability benefits, which involve a weekly value based on the appropriate percentage. If your injury requires multiple replacements or procedures, the percentage of disability may be stacked – up to a maximum of 100%. This can increase the monetary amount of disability benefits you receive. Charlie Domer helped establish the law in this area, which now allows for stacking percentages of disability up to the 100% maximum.

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