Workers’ Comp In Cases Of Knee Injuries And Replacements

Knee injuries are often work-related. If you hurt your knee on the job, you may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits to pay for your injury and recovery. The first step in seeking workers’ comp benefits is to get a professional medical evaluation to determine if your injury might be work-related. Then, a seasoned workers’ comp attorney can assess your case, advise you on your options and implement a personalized legal strategy to help you seek compensation for your recovery.

At Domer Law, our award-winning attorneys have over eight decades of combined experience dedicated exclusively to workers’ compensation. We helped advance the law on the percentage of disability for multiple joint replacement. In fact, we literally wrote the book on Wisconsin workers’ compensation law. We will help you understand your options and rights, discuss your concerns and set clear and realistic expectations for your case. From our offices in Milwaukee and Waukesha, we serve clients throughout Greater Wisconsin.

Helping You Maximize Your Benefits

Work-related knee injuries can result from repetitive motion or overexertion – whether as part of your daily activities or due to a fall or other type of accident. Other work-related knee injuries can be caused by repetitive bending, squatting or alighting from vehicles.

Knee injuries can decrease your productivity significantly and should not be taken lightly. Based on the circumstances of your case, you may be eligible for partial or total disability benefits. You may be entitled to receive workers’ comp if:

  • You suffered an accident while on the job that damaged your knee or led to a knee replacement surgery.
  • An accident or your daily job activities contributed to accelerating the need for a knee replacement or worsened a knee injury.

If your knee condition started while working for a former employer, they might also be required to provide you with workers’ comp. Our lawyers strive to maximize the compensation our clients receive to take care of their injuries and welfare. They will help you calculate an estimated amount of the benefits you may be entitled to and advocate for your best interests before the workers’ comp insurance carrier and even the Social Security Administration (SSA).

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